Fiona began her career in graphic arts as a retoucher working on Art Book reproductions, then moved into producing computer games and speaker support material. Eventually finding a niche in the Advertising industry as the Art Buyer for George Patterson Bates. Preferring the more hands on and behind the scenes role, the natural progression was to work with photographers producing the Ad campaigns previously commissioned by Fiona in her role as Art Buyer.

Fiona produced with LOOK production for a further four years, marketing and producing to Australia and Asia before turning to freelance production in 2004 where she works with photographers and videographers at the top of their field to the present day.  Fiona will wrangle together the right team and right resources for your project. No two shoots are the same and no shoot is too big or too small.

Understanding communication strategies and considering every detail in each project results in a smooth production, freeing up the photographer and art director to maximize creativity and deliver a fantastic and affective image every time for their client.

Fiona has 25 years of industry experience and has worked as an Art Buyer on a freelance basis with DDB, BWM and BMF. Her main expertise is photography production, location scouting and casting and has established long working relationships with Sydney based photographers, casting agents and location agencies.

Fiona holds a Bachelor of Fine Art from the National Art School and is in constant collaboration with creators. Fiona has experience producing shoots with Award winning photographers and videographers shooting in China, India and all over Australia.