PRODUCTIONS:  Dedicated, professional crews sourced for  all production logistics for the following disciplines:

 - location scouting and management,

 - casting direction,  animal wrangling and training

 - styling, including standby props , costume designing,  set construction, and scenic art.

 - hair and  make-up artistry, including creation of  prosthetics and tatoo art.

 - production assistants / co-ordinators,  location vehicles and catering,

 - car detailing, precision driving, low loaders and rigging,  road management crews, traffic plans, road closures  and wet downs,

 - transport and trucking, 

 - aerial photography,

 - hotel and travel,

 - 3D CG1, retouching and state of the art model making and SFX.



Castings for local and  International campaigns have covered Australasia, Africa, China, Japan, South America, Sweden, Norway, England and India.
Specialist  castings include performance artists or sporting professionals and  celebrity look-a-likes.


We will source for you the ultimate location for your shoot, whether you are shooting an ad in the country or the city, in the mountains, the desert or by the coast. Fiona has several years experience producing international shoots in Australasia, India and China.


Fiona has an AWD vehicle fitted with a Telstra explorer phone and country network, accessing all communications in the most remote outback places, so internet and mobile phone communications are unrestricted no matter where we are. Couple this with UHF and if necessary a satellite phone, you'll never lose us.